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Comments about MetaHoo!

"I ran several test searches for specific items that I knew were on the Web but that some engines have had trouble locating. Metahoo! found eight out of ten of the items I was looking for, and ranked seven them fairly high in relavence.
Overall, I found Metahoo! to be pretty fast, as well. It is a tool you should consider adding to your search engine toolbox." Brian Proffitt, BotSpot.

The search engine that searches harder. It may be just what you are looking for." Gippsland Portal.

"Not great in general, but good at images - metasearches Fast, Google & PicSearch. Has replaced metasearch engine Ixquick which used to be in this spot, but isn't as good" Robert Skelton, SearchEnginez.

"This one surprised me at how good it really is. The graphics are sort of "hokey" (just my opinion mind you) but the results are surprisingly good." Russ Kelly.

"Metahoo - an AD-FREE web portal with a search option that allows users to select an information source (web, directory, news, jobs, auctions, MP3, pictures, weather). Check out the Kids and Teen section!" Suzan, Internet4Classrooms.

"Great little search engine." George, NorthWest Builders Network, Inc.

"I like the format and quality of what you've done." Debbie, Noodle Tools.

"A very nice site." Juanita, Aniota.

"Congratulations! Metahoo! has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award. You and Your Staff at Metahoo! have Obviously Worked Very Hard." Darin Carter, I.A.W.M.D.

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