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MetaHoo! is an AD-FREE web portal dedicated to simplifying the search process for its users by bringing back relevant and timely results as efficiently as possible. It means no banners that slow a page. No blinking buttons. No annoying pop-ups. Users can now get the results they're searching for fast -- without any advertising. MetaHoo! seeks to draw a large number of viewers to its web site by providing a one-stop destination for information, communication and entertainment services on the Web.

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MetaHoo! offers its users the ability to quickly and easily find information on the Web by searching through indexes of Web documents. Even the largest keyword indexes don't contain all the information on the Internet, and many tend to specialize in certain types of information. Using MetaHoo! Search is one good way of making sure your search is comprehensive.

Using the MetaHoo! Meta Search Engine, a user may enter a search term or terms and review a list of the best matches from all indexed Web pages. MetaHoo! sends the search queries to the major search engines at one time and organizes the results into a uniform format and presents them by relevance and source. MetaHoo! also has a search option that allows users to select an information source (e.g. breaking news, online auctions, mp3 downloads, free pictures, USA jobs etc), making search results even more relevant and user-specific.
In order to give users an easy-to-use framework in which to efficiently explore and utilize the wealth of content on the Internet, MetaHoo! maintains a series of guides and directories, including a modified version of the Open Directory developed initially by Netscape.

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